Online GivingWe have several options for you. You can:

  • Make a One-Time Donation;
  • Set-up Recurring/Monthly Donations– This is great for those who want to make pledge to support United Way and their local non-profit partners with their donations throughout the year, season, or however often you choose.
  • Choose the Round-Ups Option: You can now Round-Up all purchases you make with your debit/credit card! Once you set up this option, each purchase you make will use your “change” to go towards a donation. For example: If you spend $12.45 at a gas station, $.55 will be added to the accumulation total and will be sent as a donation at the end of the month. You can cap this option at a $ amount of your choice if you are wanting to stay within a certain budget. (Not only does this option just use your “change”, it also makes it easier to balance your checkbook by not having to deal with those pesky cents.)

Cash/Check: Drop off or mail donation to PO Box 212 Waverly, TN 37185.

Payroll Deduction: Simply ask your employer if this option is available. If not, feel free to sign up for monthly donations using one of our new online options (see above for more information).

United Way of Humphreys County is a registered 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization. All charitable contributions are tax-deductible.